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Creating any website is easy but creating an affiliate website that persuades visitors and forces them to click on the Purchase button is not.

Selecting the right theme that is schema optimized, lightweight, and looks beautiful is crucial for an affiliate marketer.

That’s why here is Affiliate Booster, a theme specially made for affiliate marketing, and the icing on the cake is that it is available at more than 50% OFF On This Black Friday Sale.



Affiliate Booster is Gold for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers
Kulwant is doing affiliate marketing for last one decade and he know what type of themes and plugins affiliate marketer needs. That’s why he build Affiliate Booster theme and plugin. There are a lots of features in theme as well as in the plugin which I like a lot. In near future I would like to see new blocks added to affiliate booster so that we don’t have to use any page builder to design our pages.
Ramesh Rawat

What You Have To Go Through To Create Affiliate Website

Many websites rank poorly on google because of low speed due to the use of incorrect themes.

Users do not stay on the website if its look and feel are not appealing.

Most affiliate marketers quit before making their first sale because they get overwhelmed with technicalities involved in using plugins, themes and optimizing the sites.

Some themes are fast and lightweight but poor in UI, and then other themes are good in UI but are heavy to load and not schema optimized.

Here’s The Solution

You need a theme specially designed for affiliate marketing that is best in looks but is also lightweight, supports schema, and loads blazingly fast.

Affiliate Booster stands up to this task.

Affiliate Booster



Main Features

Schema Optimized
Lightning-fast load time with build-in structured schema and validated HTML.

Ultra-Fast Loading
Speed is the ground on which an Affiliate booster is designed.

Easy Customization
Multiple page and elements customizations.

Typography Control
Change typography for body, paragraphs, links and various elements easily.

Colors Control
Easy color customizer for body, headers, buttons and other elements

100% Gutenberg Compatible
Add conversion-optimized blocks with 100% Gutenberg compatibility.

Sub Features

Header Designs
6 different types of header designs to give a professional look to your affiliate website.

Homepage Layouts
7 different homepage customization layouts to suit any type of blog. You do not have to scratch your head over-designing a perfect homepage; just select the right option and done.

Change site-wide headings, fonts, buttons, etc., easily through a typography customizer.

4 Menu Options
Above header, primary menu, secondary menu, and footer menu give every possible option of menu placement.

Global Container width
Customize the container width of the entire blog or any specific post.

Global Button Settings
Create a button style that will apply to all the buttons on the site.

Global Button Settings
Create a button style that will apply to all the buttons on the site.

Disclaimer Option
Add a ready-made disclaimer block to your affiliate blog.

Sub Menu Controls
Set typography, fonts, colors, and the width of submenu controls.

Featured Image Control
Enable, disable featured images along with sizing just on clicks.

Author Bio Control
Enable, disable the entire author bio or some info as you want.

Sticky Header
Easily customize your header to stick to the top.

Scroll To Top
Ready-made scroll to top button with control to set the location, size, color.

Set breadcrumbs on your post to display hierarchy and allow users to navigate easily.

Custom Scripts
Add custom scripts like Facebook or Google pixels without any third-party plugins.


Main Features

Ready-Made Designs
More than 15 ready-made designs so that instead of User Interface, you can focus on content.

User-Friendly Controls
Multiple options to make these blocks more personalized just by clicking and 0 coding.

Tablet & Mobile Friendly
Require no additional efforts for different devices.

No Coding Required
Require zero coding to create a professional affiliate website.

Fully Customizable Blocks
Multiple typographies, images, icons and various settings to match your design ideas.

Multiple options to make these blocks more personalized just by clicking and 0 codings.
Multi-purpose blocks that promote services, products, software, or anything.

Sub Features

Single Product Block
Single Product Block
Pros Cons Block

Pros and Cons Block

List Items Block
List Items Block

Notifications Block
Comparison Table Block

Good Bad Features Block
Notices Block
Notices Block

Call to Action Block
Table Of Content Block

Coupons Block
Coupons Block
Star Rating Block
Star Rating

Product Review Block
Top Picked Product Block

Progress Bar
Progress Bar Block
Top Pick Specs
Top Pick Specs
Affiliate Booster Theme + Plugin = SuperBlog
I attended Kulwant’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing Workshop. At that time I install a free version of the affiliate booster.
Day by day I need more features & a good layout for my user. I shift to the premium version.
That was my one of the best decision.
> Affiliate Booster is one of the best themes
> Affiliate Booster Plugins give your blog a superpower.
Okay, Try the free version you will understand by yourself.
Jeel Patel
Affiliate Booster theme is really worth it
Affiliate Booster is the best theme for affiliate marketing. I’m using this since 4 month and it really growing my sales. I’m totally satisfied with this theme and thanks kulwant nagi for made this theme.
Shuvo Chowdhury


Affiliate Booster Is For You If

You are serious and see affiliate marketing as a business.You want to build a brand in your niche and improve your authority and credibility.You want a schema-optimized fast-loading theme that google loves.
You want a perfect theme and plugin combo to create a professional-looking affiliate website without burning a lot of money and effort.With the effort and money saved on building the blog, you want to create superb content that will work as a multiplier in earning you good rankings on Google and sales.
Great experience with Affiliate booster theme.
I have been using affiliate booster theme for 3 months and based on my experience of these three months, Affiliate booster theme is one of the best theme, at the moment this theme is new so people are slowly getting to know about it and So far I have suggested 30+ people to use this theme and all those who have used this theme are not even trying to find an alternative because they have found their favorite theme which has many advanced features.
This theme can be designed using blocks, so there is an escape from countless plugins, the same theme is lightweight and fast loading which makes it a great theme.
I would only suggest to you that if you use another theme but still looking for a great theme, then definitely use Affiliate Booster Theme!
Mr Manish


The Person Behind Affiliate Booster

Kulwant Nagi, a well-known and one of the best Affiliate Marketers in India, is the person behind Affiliate Booster.

He has been doing affiliate marketing since 2011 and is aware of all this industry’s struggles and problems.
And if he is coming up with a theme, what could be better than this.You might know him and if not, then learn more about him on his blog Booster is the theme + plugin specially designed for affiliate marketing by an affiliate marketer himself.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Affiliate Booster work with Elementor?

The affiliate booster theme and plugins are 100% compatible with Elementor. If you want to use both Affiliate booster and Elementor simultaneously, you can go for it.

Can we use the Affiliate Booster plugin with any theme?

Yes, you can use the affiliate booster plugin with any theme.

Is this theme Schema compatible?

Yes, the affiliate booster theme is 100% schema optimized.