Cashify Review – Best Option To Sell Used Phones

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Have you ever exchanged your phone on Amazon or Flipkart for a brand new phone?

You might agree that it is best if we can get rid of old phone and also save some money on the new phone because of exchange offers.

We are usually so excited on the exchange offers that we never thought whether this exchange offers are paying the best price for the used phone’s.

Recently I found out that there are online shops that offer better resale value than this exchange offers and one of such website is

This is a Cashify Review post.

I was using iPhone 6s from past 2.5 years and was very happy and satisfied with my first ios experience and had plans to continue using this phone till it lasts.

However, one day the phone’s charging started going down immediately after removing the charger, the phone started restarting and lagging.

I took it to the repair center, and they told that it’s because of battery issue.

I got the battery replaced but wanted to know the reason for the same because I thought whether I may be using it in some wrong.

The technician gave few of the below reason for the issue

  1. Long charging beyond 100%
  2. Charging frequently even when battery is not down
  3. Charging using power bank a lot

I was always using power banks for charging the phone and thought that could be the reason in my case.

I was satisfied and thought I would take required precautions and it won’t be a problem anymore as I replaced with brand new battery.

For a few days it worked well however the device started rebooting on its own, battery used to drain quickly, issues like this started coming up after a few days.

I decided to not spend anything else on this anymore and just get a new phone instead by exchanging this phone on Amazon or Flipkart.

I found out that both the shopping sites were offering around Rs. 6000 exchange value for iphone 6s.

I thought of searching on google “best way to sell used phones”, and there I found

How Does Cashify Work – Sell Your Old Phone On Cashify

How Does Cashify Work

Once you visit the site you will see various options in which one option is Sell Phone, click on that.

Then select your city.

Choose your brand.

Select model of your phone.

Select the phone variant.

The value you see over here is just the best value you can get on this type of phone, however to get exact value for your phone you need to provide few more details so click on the button Get Exact Value.

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Click on GOT IT

Answer these questions about your phone and click on Continue.

Give some more details about the accessories you have of the phone you want to sell, if you do not have any of this, no problem, just click on Continue.

On this screen you will be asked about the functional and physical problem on the device, just select whichever is eligible and click on Continue.

How To Create Account On Cashify

On next screen you will be asked to enter your mobile no. and click on Continue.

You will receive an OTP on your phone, enter the OTP and click Verify OTP.

Hurray!! You got the exact value of your phone. Here it is Rs. 7200 which is better than Amazon and Flipkart.

If you see at the bottom there are Special Offers. If you any of the option to get paid as below, then you will get some extra benefits.

  • Amazon Pay Gift Card
  • Tata Cliq
  • Flipkart Gift Card

I have selected Amazon Pay Gift Card, because of which I am getting Rs. 360 extra and my ultimate price becomes Rs. 7560. You can see the breakup on right-hand side under Price Summary.

You can select whichever option best suits you.

If you do not want to get payed in vouchers, you can find lot many other payment options just below Price Summary.

Cashify Referral Code

Bonus: Apply below code to get Rs. 100 more on your selling price.


Cashify Referral Code

After entering all payment related details you need to click on Get Paid.

Provide the details of Address from where the device is to be picked.

Select preferred date and time for pickup. I like this feature of even selecting time very much; it gives you flexibility to plan as per your availability.

Also, you can reschedule it later if you need.

Now depending on payment method you selected provided details of the same.

Enter the IMEI no. by typing *#06# on the device and enter the same on the site along with an alternate mobile no. and it’s done.

You will see this Thank You page.

You can review order details by going to Orders in your account.

In your order click on SEE DETAILS.

From order details screen you can RESCHEDULE or CANCEL your orders.

This is the entire process to sell your phone on cashify.

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My Experience – Cashify Review

My experience was superb. I had placed an order in the same way explained above.

Later I received a phone call from cashify confirming the order and schedule.

An expert arrived at the address on schedule and also called 10 mins before reaching the destination to inform about his arrival.

He took around 15-20 mins to inspect the phone according whatever I mentioned while placing the order.

He discovered some minor scratches on the side because of which around Rs. 300 was deducted from ultimate selling price and final price was Rs. 7200.

Once inspection was done, I received an OTP which I shared with the expert and then received an amazon voucher of Rs. 7200 on my mail (because I opted for amazon voucher while placing order)

Very easy and hassle free process.

Other Cashify Services

You can use cashify just not only to sell phones but list of other services as well.

  • Repair Phone
  • Recycle Phone
  • Buy Accessories
  • Sell Smartwatch
  • Sell Laptop, etc.

Cashify Customer Care

For any questions or help you can contact to below cashify customer care number or reach out on the email id.

7290068900/  [email protected]


Is Cashify trusted?

Yes, you can absolutely trust them. I have used and my overall experience was awesome.

Is Cashify app safe?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I sell my phone, which is on EMI?

You can sell only when all the EMI’s are paid off.

Is there any charge for pick up?


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