HIIT SEO Review – Best SEO Training Program

If you are into blogging, you know what SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is and how essential it is.

SEO is an excellent source of free traffic in the long term.

SEO is one of the most needed skills for a blogger, and today I will do a HIIT SEO Review which is one of the SEO training programs.

You would have been learning about SEO from different blogs or youtube; even I tried to do the same, but it was overwhelming, and I was learning less but mostly getting confused.

Online you get a lot of information and also a lot of misinformation too.

There was a need for a program that could teach SEO step by step with practical implementation, and HIIT SEO is one such program.

As Sanjay Shenoy says

SEO is not a knowledge problem but an execution problem

-Sanjay Shenoy

Now, who is Sanjay Shenoy?

I will tell you more about Sanjay Shenoy in a bit.

HIIT SEO is High-Intensity Incentivized Training for Search Engine Optimization.

It is a practical SEO training program that rewards trainees with cashback to motivate them to take action.

So let’s go ahead and learn more about Sanjay Shenoy and this program.

Who is Sanjay Shenoy?

Sanjay Shenoy is a teacher, marketer, and creator.

He is an SEO expert with more than a decade of experience and has worked for companies like Thrillophilia, Explara as an SEO expert and later co-founded PixelTrack Digital, a digital marketing training and services company.

He is also a fantastic speaker with a lot of energy. You can go through his TEDx speech below.

What could be better than an SEO expert like Sanjay launching his training program to teach SEO and that too with cashback!

Nothing can beat that, right?

More than 500+ SEO aspirants already took advantage of this program, and I am one of them.

Now let’s understand more about the program.

HIIT SEO – What you learn in 10 Weeks

Week 0 – SEO Orientation

The first week starts with orientation, in which Sanjay will talk about how the program will unfold.

He will share details about assignments submission rules, cashback, and bonuses.

Then you will learn how to set up your blog as having a blog is an initial requirement for learning SEO.

He will explain a niche and its importance, domain selection, and things to keep in mind before selecting a perfect domain.

Week 1 -The Fundamentals of SEO

This session is going to be power-packed with a lot of information on how search engines work.

One of my favorite sessions where I learned to think like a search engine.

Full of insights on how crawlers work, how google indexes and ranks search results.

You will learn ranking factors that can help rank better on google.

Why and how to set up and use google search console, google analytics, and google alerts.

Week 2 – Keyword Research

Here you will learn about Keyword Research which is one of the most important factors of SEO.

Your article ranking on google depends a lot on how good your keyword research is.

Different kinds of keywords and how to know what people are searching on google.

Keyword Research is one of the most critical sessions as whatever you will learn here will help in the rest of the program.

Week 3 – OnPage SEO

You will learn what OnPage SEO and the different elements of the same is.

You will get a step-by-step practical to-do list to implement on a blog to make it SEO optimized.

You will understand how different parts of a blog play in making a blog keyword rich.

Week 4 – Technical SEO – Part 1

You will learn about technical SEO, including site structure and how creating a perfect site architecture can help google crawlers.

You will also learn about crawl budgets and how to optimize them through robots.txt, sitemaps, and interlinking.

This session also includes a discussion on web vitals and all steps to improve site speed.

Week 5 – Off-Page SEO – Part 1

In this session, you will learn about backlinks and their types.

You will learn about link quality, link juice, anchor texts, and different types of anchor texts.

You will also learn different ways to create good backlinks that would improve the Off-Page SEO of your blog.

Week 6 – Off-Page SEO – Part 2

In this second session on Off-Page, you will do a deep dive into earning or making more backlinks.

You will also learn how site architecture helps in improving the SEO of the website.

Week 7 – Local SEO

You will be learning how Local SEO is different from regular SEO but crucial for businesses.

You will create a Google My Business page, optimize it for local SEO, and add citations on different websites.

Week 8 – Mobiles and Voice SEO

This program is not only about blog SEO but includes mobile and voice SEO too.

You will learn about AMP (Acceleration Mobile Pages) and how to make the website more Mobile friendly.

Also, you will learn how to take advantage of voice searches and make your keywords and phrases optimized for voice assistants.

Week 9 – SEO Site Audit, strategy & Proposal

This program helps to learn SEO and provide your SEO services to others so that you can use the knowledge to fetch extra income.

You will learn how to do a site audit, create a strategy, and pitch an excellent proposal to a client he cannot refuse.

Week 10 – YouTube SEO

Content creation is not only about blogs but a whole environment that includes blogs, youtube channels, and social accounts.

In this session, you will learn how to create a youtube channel around your niche and optimize it for SEO to rank on top in Youtube.

Also, you will learn how youtube videos can improve your blog’s ranking on google.

HIIT SEO – Bonuses

HIIT SEO Bonuses

Astra Pro High-Performance WordPress Theme

WP Rocket Premium WordPress Plugin

RankMath Pro Premium SEO Plugin

WPX Hosting

Private WhatsApp Group

Blockchain Verified Digital Certificate

Pre-Recorded Ultimate SEO Playbook Course

Pre-Recorded Content Marketing Mastery Course

Why Join HIIT SEO?

500+ Positive Reviews

HIIT SEO Reviews

The HIIT SEO has excellent reviews on Google and Facebook. The value you get in this program is more than the investment.

Sanjay’s energy every week is incredible, and the insights you get in each session are tremendous.

85% Completion Rate

Online learning programs have very low completion rates, usually around 5-8%, but the completion rate in this program is very high.

This considerable completion rate is due to the cashback, but another reason is the community of learners ready to help and learn; you will get the motivation to complete assignments automatically.

₹ 60,00,000 in cashback processed

The amount of cashback processed is proof that learners are taking action on whatever they are learning in the program.

HIIT SEO Review – My Personal Experience


I joined the HIIT SEO program with no prior knowledge.

The program is well structured, and you will learn all parts of SEO, from blogs, video’s to voice.

The best part is you are executing whatever you are learning week after week and seeing the result.

Weekly sessions are full of energy obviously because of Sanjay, and every session is exciting and full of insights.

It’s not just the theory but implementation-based learning.

The bonuses helped me set up a brand new blog with many premium tools and plugins, which I would have never done myself.

The cashback acted as motivation and pushed me to take action even after working on a full-time job.

I was able to complete all the assignments on time and received all the cashback.

The community of learners is very active, and many issues get solved in the WhatsApp community itself, and weekly Q&A is a plus.

HIIT SEO Certificate

Below is my blockchain certificate, which I received after completing the program.

HIIT SEO Certificate

If you want to learn SEO online from an expert and want to be motivated to implement what you know, this is the perfect program.

To motivate you to learn SEO, I am giving a cashback of Rs. 1000 if you sign up for HIIT SEO by clicking on the button below and send the invoice to [email protected]

I hope this HIIT SEO Review post has helped you understand the program in detail; please do comment for any other queries or feedback, and I will get back to you.

Till then, keep learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIIT SEO?

HIIT SEO is a High-Intensity Incentivized Training for Search Engine Optimization. In this 10 weeks practical training, you learning On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO.
You also receive cashback for taking action and implementing what you learn.

What is the duration of the HIIT SEO program?

The duration of the program is 10 weeks, excluding the orientation and graduation sessions.

What if I cannot attend the live session?

Every session is recorded and made available online; if you miss the live session, you can go to the recording and watch the entire session at your own pace.

How much time is needed to complete the assignments?

The most difficult and common assignment is creating a blog post of 1500 – 2000 words.
You can easily complete the assignment by giving 1 hour daily for a week.

How will I receive the cashback?

You have to share your UPI id to receive the cashback. Cashbacks are processed within the next week once you submit the assignment, and it’s verified.

Do I need to make any other investment after joining the program?

You will need to invest around Rs. 600 – Rs. 800 to buy a domain for your website.

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