WriterZen Review – Ditch the costly keyword research tools

Keyword research is the heart of SEO in blogging, and you cannot rank high on Google without SEO.

Keyword research tools play a significant role in keyword research, but this also leads to high prices.

For someone who is a beginner in blogging or is not running an agency for several clients becomes challenging to use such expensive tools.

WriterZen, a recently launched affordable keyword research tool, is making some noise in the market.

In this article, I will do a complete Writerzen review.

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is an AI-based content creation platform. It provides an end-to-end tool from topic discovery to plagiarism checker once the content is ready.

It’s has a clean and impressive UI that will not burden your eyes. All the data are presented very well on the screens.

WriterZen provides 3 primary and 2 supporting features on one platform

Main Features

  1. Topic Discovery
  2. Content Creator
  3. Keyword Explorer

Supporting Features

  1. Plagiarism Checker
  2. Keyword Importer

We will go through each features one by one.

WriterZen Features

#1. Topic Discovery

Constantly coming up with new blog topics can be very challenging and a time taking process.

WriterZen’s topic discovery feature tries to help in this area by using your keyword and finding all the trending and relevant topics around the keyword.

WriterZen Topic Discovery

As you see in the above image, you have to enter the keyword, select a relevant country to Search and language.

On click of Search, you see all the relevant topic ideas and their relevancy with the search keyword.

WriterZen Topic Discovery

As you can see in the above, e.g., Copywriting marketing, Evolution Digital Marketing, etc., are relevant and related topics to Digital Marketing.

It also shows volume data of each keyword idea to make it clear the search trend of the topic.

WriterZen Topic Discovery

Once you click on the Show Ideas on any Topic, it will list all the Headlines To Consider of the competitor blog posts from where you can get more ideas.

Google Suggest Insights is at the right-hand side, which shows relevant search terms in Questions, Prepositions, and Comparison.

There is so much data that you will not be short of topics to write blog or articles. However, this much information can be overwhelming for a beginner.

#2. Content Creator

A content creator is a tool that helps layout the overall content. It goes through the below 3 steps.

#1. Outline to use

WriterZen Content Creator

Here you decide the outline of the content and decide on the Title, Description, and Headers in the body.

The tool automatically does a competitor analysis and shows their word count, headings, and images.

On the upper right-hand side, you will find insights on a content structure like heading, paragraph, images, and word count to make the content better than the competitors.

#2. Keywords to include

WriterZen Content Creator

This step suggests relevant keywords that competitors include in the article that you can have in your content.

You can trust Keyword data as they are coming directly from Google APIs.

On the right hand, there are few pre-selected keywords that competitors more often use. Few of the keywords can be irrelevant sometimes to your topic, which you have to deselect manually.

#3. Content writing

WriterZen Content Creator

The last step is actual content writing; it provides writing space on the left with tools to add a heading, images, and appropriate formatting.

The right-hand top shows details like word, heading, paragraph, and images count in your content compared to competitors.

The right-hand bottom shows the outline, keywords, competitor’s articles, and questions.

Content Creator can be tricky for someone new; you can also find better tools to create outline and content writing.

I hope this tool will improve and be more sophisticated in the future.

#3. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is the feature for which WriterZen is known.

Keyword research is the most important part of On-Page SEO, and this tool provides you with a lot of insights into this.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

Once you enter the keyword, location, and language, click on Search, you will see below details for the keyword.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

Details include Search Volume, CPC, and top search results on Google for the keyword at the right hand.

When you go below, you find Search Volume and Trends data in visual chart format, making it easier to understand the keyword’s monthly search.

#1. Keyword Data

If you move below, you will find more keyword data with phrase match or the same terms.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

You can find more data on each keyword like Trend, Volume, CPC, WordCount.

When you click on any row in the list, you will see keyword difficulty (KD), which means how difficult it is to rank for the respective keyword.

Then you have a search volume graph and SERP overview, which shows top results in Google for that keyword.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

You can find more keyword data by going through other match criteria.

Also, you have many more filters on which you can make data more specific to your need based on volume, CPC, word count, etc.

WriterZen Keyword Data

AllInTitle is a critical metric provided by this tool that shows how many other websites or blogs use the same keyword in their title.

KGR is another helpful metric; it is the ratio of All In Title to Search Volume; lower the KGR more the chances of ranking on that keyword.

You cannot rely too much on these ratios; however, it is better to consider.

#2. Insights

Keyword insights provide questions that you can include in your blog’s Frequently Asked Questions section; then, there is a preposition, competitors, and many more keyword ideas.

WriterZen Keyword Insights

#3. Clusters

Clusters use Google SERPs to develop more related keywords that are already ranking on google and which you can use to make content keyword rich.

WriterZen Keyword Clusters

Keyword Explorer is one feature for which you can purchase WriterZen; the rest of everything is good to have, and I hope all other features will improve with new upgrades in the future.

#4. Plagiarism Checker

You cannot rely 100% on the Plagiarism checker of WriterZen; you can use it in combination with some plagiarism checker tools to be entirely sure.

WriterZen Plagiarism Checker

I used one of my blog post’s content to check plagiarism. It shows 93% plagiarized, which is almost correct but not entirely accurate as this content should be 100% plagiarized because it’s copied from my existing blog.

#5. Keyword Importer

Upload multiple keywords at once to WriterZen and get data on these keywords by using the keyword importer tool.

WriterZen Keyword Importer
WriterZen Keyword Importer

WriterZen Pricing

I was able to grab a lifetime deal of WriterZen on AppSumo for just $69.

Below are the plans and features of the same; if you are just a beginner or intermediate blogger, then this lifetime deal is enough for your needs.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen Pros

User Interface

UI of WriterZen is very clean, and this is one of the reasons I liked this tool. Everything on the dashboard is well defined without a lot of clutter and confusion.

Topic Explorer

Topic explorer helps with a lot of ideas that you might not have thought of. Explore a lot of topics for a particular keyword or a niche.

Keyword Explorer

Affordable keyword explorer is one of the USPs of this tool. Keyword ideas along with volume, AllInTitle, and KGR are presented very well.


Affordability is one of the critical points; it’s challenging for an individual or a beginner to afford tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

This tool is an excellent alternative for a starter.

Even if you compare the lowest plan, there is a vast difference.




WriterZen Cons

No Competitor Analysis

When comparing with other keyword research tools, the most significant difference is site explorer, competitor analysis, or backlinks checker, which is missing in WriterZen.

However, we can hope these features may get add in the future.

Content Creator

The content creation tool is decent; however, it may not be up to the mark if you compare it with well-known content creators.

I am confident they will improve on this if they want to play in the long run.

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker may need some improvement as it is not 100% correct.

My WriterZen Review

I mostly use Keyword Research and Topic Explorer features of WriterZen, and I am delighted with the result.

Data points like AllInTitle and KGR are good to have, and keyword cluster is a unique feature not available in some well-known tools.

The credits received every month in the lifetime deal are enough for my use.

As already stated, UI is the plus, and it’s easy to use.

WriterZen pricing is decent, and nothing could be better if you can grab the WriterZen lifetime deal at $69 on AppsSumo.


I hope you got a great insight into this WriterZen Review article; you can check the lifetime deal on AppSumo by clicking on the link below.

Try this tool and let me know your feedback; comment below for any queries or more information.

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